9 imp updates in Angular 8 getting asked in interviews

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3 min readSep 28, 2023

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What is Angular?

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework that simplifies the process of building dynamic, single-page web applications. It provides a structured framework for creating reusable components, managing state, and handling UI updates efficiently.

Introducing Angular 8

Angular 8 is the latest major release of the framework, building upon the foundation laid by its predecessors. It brings improvements in terms of performance, developer experience, and compatibility with modern web standards.

New Features and Enhancements in Angular 8

1. Ivy Renderer:

One of the most anticipated features in Angular 8 is the Ivy renderer. Ivy is a new rendering engine that aims to improve the performance, bundle size, and overall developer experience. It enables faster compilation, smaller bundles, and enhanced debugging capabilities.

2. Bazel Support (Experimental):

Angular 8 introduces experimental support for Bazel, a build tool developed by Google. Bazel offers advanced build and test capabilities, particularly suitable for large-scale applications. It aims to improve build performance and provide a more consistent development experience.

3. Differential Loading:

Differential loading is a feature that generates two separate bundles for modern browsers and older browsers. This approach optimizes loading times by serving a smaller bundle to browsers that support modern JavaScript features while ensuring compatibility with older browsers.

4. Dynamic Imports for Lazy Loading:

Angular 8 introduces dynamic imports for lazy-loaded modules. This feature leverages JavaScript’s dynamic import syntax, allowing for more granular loading of modules and better performance optimization.

5. Improved Web Worker Support:

Angular 8 enhances support for web workers, enabling developers to offload CPU-intensive tasks to separate threads. This contributes to a smoother user experience and responsive applications.

6. Deprecation of ViewEncapsulation.Native:

The ViewEncapsulation.The native option for component styling has been deprecated in Angular 8 due to its limitations and browser compatibility issues. Developers are encouraged to use the default Emulated (Shadow DOM) encapsulation strategy instead.

7. Router and Navigation Improvements:

Angular’s router module receives updates in Angular 8. Improvements include better support for parameterized route fragments, improved navigation error handling, and enhancements to router lifecycle events.

8. Updated Angular CLI:

The Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) has been updated to provide better guidance and tooling for upgrading projects to Angular 8. It streamlines the process of updating and migrating existing applications.

9. TypeScript 3.4 Support:

Angular 8 includes support for TypeScript 3.4, which brings various improvements to the TypeScript language itself. This ensures that Angular developers can benefit from the latest features and optimizations provided by TypeScript.

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